Friday, March 09, 2007

ah yes, that reality

Getting up an hour and a half earlier has kept me in strange states of partial awakeness all week, so I'm not at all looking forward to this weekend's time change robbing me of another precious hour. For the last few months, everything's been not quite real, and as though it's happening to somebody else, or something: I'm fairly removed from the action. The job is fine; perhaps in a couple of weeks it'll seem less surreal. It's always surreal, new stuff, until I get accustomed to it - and then it's as though it's always been that way.

Time's become an even more precious commodity: until I can work out the schedule, lifestyle is out the window. So, the rush of excitement and amazement at being accepted into the NSUC art fair was quickly overshadowed by the realization that I have a lot of work to do. Have some eye candy.


Reiki 4 Life said...

did you make the art in those photos? beautiful...i especially love the colours in the bowls...good luck with the art show.

and thank you so much for stopping by and your comment. reiki has been a wonderful addition to my life. i just want to share what i've learned with others.

Jon said...

Is them your doin's? Great stuff. I think my favorites are the cups that look like they have water in them.

Take it easy. You're in a major period of adjustment. Be good to yourself, and other gentle creatures!

Trev Diesel said...

Eye candy indeed. Between your photography and your pottery, I can't help but think maybe you've got a bit of talent in the visual arts. ;-)

Congrats on the art fair.

And by all means, keep posting your art... I'm really digging it!

anonymous julie said...

Yep, they're mine, both the subjects and the photographs. They're fun to make; the photography was a new attempt but I'm pleased with the results.

Trev, so it's been said! ;-) Re: the fair, I have never done one before and am feeling a bit clueless; hopefully I can just have fun producing work, then have fun selling it! (and maybe try for another at the end of the summer or at the holidays?)

isaiah said...

Nice work & congratulations on the exhibition. I must say if given the space I would have an assortment of pottery and art about the place. My eye is drawn to pottery, I don't know what it is except to say I sense the time and care it takes to craft such pieces. I enjoy the feeling of holding the finished works and there is nothing like eating or drinking from a unique piece... the food becomes a part of the dish, the dish- a part of the experience.

Best to you on the exhibit. One day I would like to take up pottery as well. I know I will.

Rob said...

Congratulations on the art fair. How exciting!

Hayden said...

Wonderful stuff julie, I particularly like the bottom two: is the second photo from the bottom candle holders? Or?

best luck on the art fair!

anonymous julie said...

Tommy; do it! I'm also interested in the experience; I want my work to be engaging. My everyday tableware is 80% handmade pieces - many by others.

Rob, thank you!

Hayden; it's anything you want it to be; they are little boxes with strange voids, some people are reminded of geodes. I don't know what to call them, just how I arrived at them.

Dan said...

Nice eye candy. Thanks!