Saturday, January 30, 2010

The one encompasses the many, but it is not the sum. The numinous is an experience, and a common one above all. If there is no god but "the" god, then "the" god must encompass all gods; but most honestly "they" are names, scribbled in thirst for knowledge and driven by awe.
-C, maybe.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Aversion to Mystery


We want it to be cut and dried.
We want it to be easy,
we want it to be certain.
We want to follow the enumerated directions,
and to end up with biscuits.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

What about hope?

Seriously: what about hope? What is it? What's it worth?

I've considered hope for weeks, turned the question over and over. It's the thing with feathers. I'm a little discontent: that's a little too quick, a little too easy. (Not that there's nothing to be said for hope as the thing with feathers. There's a hell of a lot to be said for it.)

Time used to be where I'd write thoroughly about such things, have an analysis party. But... I am not so moved. (If you've been checking my blog lately, I haven't been too moved lately.) Why not? Dunno. Feeling like thinking is in many ways a dead end. It's not, of course: thinking is good for lots of things.

I can link the notion of hope with having any sort of positive vision for a future. Any notion that things may be all right, after all. It's hard stuff to come by. Really hard.

After all, the future is nothing if not uncertain. Ergo, happiness is uncertain, too. (Of course, I could imagine the logistics being more difficult than they need to be, the hurdles greater than they are. Of course I could be.)

And, yeah, sure, it doesn't exist, none of it, but it persists in appearing to exist, so I seem to persist in behaving as though it does exist. And I don't consider its non-existence all that often. Really, I don't do much analysis, anymore. Not the long way; perhaps the short way.

But, what about hope? When dreams seem possible; when a sliver that could lead anywhere, but gleams nonetheless, seems to draw a little closer, when the odds seem a little more favorably balanced... one could call it hope.

At the same time; how is that any more than a distraction? The eternal is, and was, and ever shall be. Of what use is hope when that is the constant? Everything, nothing, longing, no longing. So back into it - illusory? - immanent! - pain, suffering, love, fear. The whole spectrum. Alone - and not. Breathing paradox.

Well, there's some musing for you. No answers, no need for answers. Just musings.