Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a note from here:

still seeking the holy.
beauty alone isn't enough.

That's something I wrote to myself a day or two ago; now I'm trying to remember what it means, amidst the stresses of packing and starting life over. Again.


jbmoore said...

Beauty is subjective for the most part. We seem to be wired for beauty, be it a man, a woman, a painting, a sunset, or whatever touches us in an inspiring and elegant way.

Recognizing the Holy is a deep recognition of complete and total beauty and love in oneness with the Universe (or God, though the two are synonymous); however fleeting the experience may be.

Perhaps you shouldn't seek the Holy so much as be Holy. Perhaps that is enough.

anonymous julie said...

I remembered what it was about. It was about art, making art, art practice. I'm dissatisfied with art that is merely smart, clever, or a good solution to the problem at hand. I have a yen for transcendence.

That aside, I have some comments in response to your comment.

Being the Holy seems more or less inescapable. Experiencing it as some high and exalted thing, seeing it clearly, seems fleeting at best.

Describing experience with words is problematic at best; I wouldn't use those words at all to describe the experience one might call "recognizing the holy". That does nothing to change the underlying reality, but it's a funny thing about words.

There is a great deal of value in seeking the holy. I don't know if I can explain it, I just know it to be true.

(But I'll try to explain anyhow.) It's not just being the holy - it's recognizing the whole business as holy and interconnected. Any way that any fragment of recognition can happen, moves all of creation toward wholeness.

Jon said...

Starting over again?

anonymous julie said...

Yeah, I left Illinois. Starting an MFA (Visual Studies) in the fall at University of Buffalo (SUNY). Two-month layover in the Cleveland area, for June and July. It's nice to live for free and nice to see family, but I'm not really a happy camper.

Next dilemma: funding. My tuition is funded and I'm even getting a stipend, but it's not quite enough to live on. Loans, or more work on top of teaching a course and working for the art dept for 10h/wk? Either one seems pretty awful.