Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A passing revelation

I have a thought on how to describe, at least in part, what happened two years ago. Suddenly I began experiencing what I was experiencing, and not some mind-mediated mixture of what I was experiencing and what I was expecting to experience. Suddenly divorced from any grasp of expectation, the whole world becomes as new, and I found that things aren't at all as they had seemed, as I had expected them to be.

Not that I can remember the train of thought that led me to finding those words, only that I was walking to the train.

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Jon said...

Wow. I think I get a sense now of what happened to you.

And I'm a mite jealous!

Here's to you, kid!

Jon said...

I feel like you've set me free.

isaiah said...

I am almost always in a constant state of "other than now-ness". When I find myself most filled with joy and a feeling of being alive it's when I realize what is right before me and most often... when I get to this point... it blows my mind... how did I not "get it" before. Well... before doesn't exist now... only now exists, now.

I believe the "not getting it" has to happen before we fully "get it."

"Be patient and live the questions first."

How very important and mindless the order ("I get it... I don't get it... I get it... I don't get it...") becomes when we sense our awareness of this very moment (which is always filled with getting it and not getting it).

Yes, as Jon said... I feel set free too!

isaiah said...

in response to your last comment at my blog:

No... you're not weird at all Julie- you're an artist...

"The kids who survive are the conformists -- their bodies are cut to the size of the suits -- the ones we label good. The ones who don't fit the suits either are put in mental homes or become artists." John Lennon.

Always liked that quote.

Andrew said...

Not mind-mediated? Or less mind-mediated?

Just wondering. If that makes sense.

Trev Diesel said...

"...only that I was walking to the train..."

Of course! Where else?!

And here.

And here.

Thanks for sharing this, Julie.

jbmoore said...

So, you were reborn in the moment.

anonymous julie said...

This is all so amusingly and endearingly typical of each of you.